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Neopets Neggery Guide

This guide will explain how you can make Neopoints off the Neopets Neggery.

A little bit about Neggs:
There are three types of Neggs:
1.Those which you can trade in to the Neggery and exchange them for Negg Tokens.
2.Those which you can get from the Neggery with Negg Tokens.
3.Those which are purely food items and which have nothing to do with the Neggery.

We will not be using the third type of Negg in this guide.

Here is a list of the Type 1 Neggs, the number of tokens you can get from them, their price on the Shop Wizard, their average cost per token gained, and the price you should buy at if you want to get the best NP:Token ratio.

This shows that the best NP:Token ratio can be gotten from Negg, Cookie Negg, Icy Negg and Purple Negg. The reason for this is that these Neggs are prizes from Key Quest, which means there is a constant supply of them.

Now, this shows the selling price of Type 2 Neggs, versus the cost of making them, and the % difference between the prices.

As you can see, certain Neggs actually sell for more than they cost to make. This discrepancy is how I’ve been making between 1-2m a day for weeks. The highest profit Neggs are clearly the Ferocious Negg and Snegg, but I personally prefer to make Armoured Neggs, because they are buyable, so I can put them in my shop and leave them. All of these Neggs are very ETS if you make a thread in the Battledome chat on the NeoBoards.

Simply put, to make massive amounts of NP, buy lots of cheap Type 1 Neggs (Negg, Cookie Negg, Icy Negg and Purple Negg) and then turn them into the profitable Type 2 Neggs (Ferocious Negg, Snegg, Armoured Negg etc.), and then sell them. Repeat this as much as you like to make as much NP as you like.

The limiting factor that stops you making unlimited NP out of this is that you get Wiz banned after 150-200 searches within one hour. This can be bypassed by doing it on several accounts – making seemingly unlimited NP.

Whilst this can be done manually and legitly, a program to automate it would be highly profitable. The program would need to buy Type 1 Neggs, make Type 2 Neggs, and then put them in your shop and price them (assuming you’re using Armoured Neggs, which are buyable). If you want even greater automation, you can make it then check your shop till regularly and then take out the NP and make more Neggs. If anyone does decide to make a program to do this, make sure you keep it in one of the higher levels; if it were public, the cost of Type 1 Neggs would increase, and the cost of Type 2 Neggs would decrease, and thus this would stop being profitable.

We have been doing this for a long time semi-legitly on a single account (using the GM Shop Wizard Autobuyer to buy lots at once of course) and have been making 1-2m per day on a single account. If you decide to use multiple accounts, make sure to use a proxy!

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